The Jack Brockhoff Child Health & Wellbeing Program works towards a vision of every child having the opportunity for a fulfilling and healthy life. Our research, through partnerships and an evidence-informed approach, aims to significantly shift population health and reduce gaps in child health inequalities.

Through this blog, you will hear stories from our team about why we carry out research in this field. What motivates and inspires our team and why they take these approaches to their research. We encourage others to engage in friendly debate about our topics and ask questions, whether you are a fellow researcher, a colleague or are just interested in child health research and promotion.

We will be covering topics such as mental health, disability, wellbeing, quality of life, oral health, obesity, health eating, physical activity, learning, development, disadvantage, vulnerability, equity, human rights and children and families in the contexts of disasters.

Please do share your thoughts and comments by commenting on these pages. We hope you enjoy our blog.


Community Rules & Guideline for Research Connect

We encourage readers to leave comments and engage with our blog. We encourage spirited discussion and readers to be part of our community however we will be enforcing the following rules.

  • Research Connect reserves the right to choose which comments and content it publishes online
  • We reserve the right to delete any comments which we deem as inappropriate, off topic, offensive or make personal attacks on individuals or organisations.
  • Stay within the law. We will remove anything that is unlawful, slanderous or puts us at risk of legal action.
  • Do not spam us or advertise on our blog. It is for discussion only
  • Don’t post personal details



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